Rotten Boroughs – Cheshire West & Chester

Standards, dear boy. Standards…

Seems that the code of conduct doesn’t get applied too rigidly at Cheshire West & Chester Council – especially when it is applied to the head of the council, one Mike Jones.

Attending a planning meeting to discuss the somewhat unpopular subject of builders Redrow banging up seventy new houses on a green field site in Tattershall, he was accompanied in the audience by Robin Blackman who had failed to get a more modest attempt to build 31 houses on a brown field site in the same town on no fewer than four separate occasions.

Not unreasonably, questioners were asking why it was that Jones had done everything in his power to block the brown field scheme whilst actively supporting the Redrow offering.

Somewhat rattled at this line of questioning, Jones stormed out of the meeting declaring that he wasn’t going to answer questions from ‘them dickheads!’

This unsurprisingly breaches the councils code of conduct which states that councillors must treat others ‘with respect’ and ‘not conduct yourself in a manner which could reasonably be regarded as bringing your office or authority into disrepute’

Standards, dear boy. Standards…


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