The Olympic Turd Awards

Now that the Olympics are finally over – until they roll out the next lot in a few weeks time of course – I thought this would be a good time to award my own medals to the stars of the great bunfest, so here they are – the Turdies. Much more desirable that an Olympic medal in my view :
In third place the BRONZE turd goes to Andy Murray for his amazingly humble and modest comments after defeating Roger Federer in the Tennis. “I played really well… I was the best man on the court… I deserved it… I am the greatest… I am a fucking genius!” etc. etc.
In second place, the SILVER  turd goes to cyclist Mark Cavendish for milking the TV advertising for hair products, getting his team to pace him so he could get a medal, hyping himself up as the man to get Team GB their first gold medal – and finishing — er, let me think — oh yeah — Nowhere! What a star!
But the outright winner and the athlete most deserving of the GOLD turd, is Paula Radcliffe. Our golden girl wins the award hands down for forcing her way into the team on personality and celeb status alone and then failing to compete. Boo, hoo!!
But mainly our Paula gets the gold for depriving some other poor much more deserving athlete of a place in the games. Let’s hope we’ve finally see the last of her. What a loser!!!


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