A real stand-up guy!

Now this is what I call my sort of funeral!

Why? Because New Orleans bass drummer Lionel Baptiste attended his own wake propped up to survey the proceedings in his full dress suit complete with trademark whistle, cane and watch. Now that’s what I call style…

Storyville Stompers tuba player Woody Penouilh said “He looks better today than when I saw him the Thursday before he died. Heaven is agreeing with him”

The unique wake stemmed from a promise made by the musician’s son, who said: ‘I told him, “I’m going to take care of you. I’m going to send you off good.” That’s the kind of guy he was. He had to be an original.’

Louis Charbonnet, who has been in the funeral business for 50 years, said “You have to think outside the box. And so he’s outside the box. We didn’t want him to be confined to his casket.”

When I go, I hope somebody can come up with something just as original for me…but I doubt it!

(You can read the full story in thre Daily Mail by clicking here)


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