Pupils behaving badly…

When I went to school, I remember that my Chemistry teacher was a dead shot with a piece of chalk, the French master could make you cringe in fear just by looking at you, and the headmaster was someone you ducked back around a corner to avoid bumping into.

OK, sure we used to get up to mischief. But it was harmless youthful fun and we knew where to draw the line. But not any more. That’s all in the past…

Figures released last week reveal a rising tide of violence and indiscipline. As many as 90 children a day are being sent home every day for attacking classmates and – worse – their teachers.

And you know the most frightening thing about that statistic? That’s just in PRIMARY schools!

And it’s not in the run down areas of the country that this is confined to. Not to the deprived inner cities. No, this is worst in the affluent areas where, teachers claim, parents are failing to equip their children with the basic social skills they need to survive at school.

Last year, over 300 children under 11 were excluded from school with a further 17,000 suspensions due to violence. 10,000 kids were barred for persistent misbehaviour in the classroom and another 6,500 for verbal abuse.

NASUWT blamed the parents, adding ‘they must realize that responsibility for their child’s behaviour does not end at the school gate’. Well actually, that’s a cop out because it does do exactly that and it is time that teachers took some of the blame. School discipline in the 21st century is shot to shit!

Now fair enough, if the grandparents let the parents run riot and do what they like showing no respect for anybody, then you have to expect the kids to behave like that as well – so there is a social problem out there that needs addressing.

But it’s also time that teachers had their hands untied from behind their backs and that they were given the authority to discipline children as necessary and if that means a good old fashioned dose of corporal punishment, then so be it.

There’s no point at all in giving kids a day off in return for misbehaviour because that’s what they want and they’ll keep doing it. It’s time that penny dropped.

To hell with supernanny and the naughty step. Give ’em a bloody good hiding and let’s see if they can take it as well as dish it out!


One response to “Pupils behaving badly…

  1. Ignoble Caledonian.

    The Scottish tawse could be, and was occasionally, wielded with brute force which no doubt contributed to it's demise. However, the occasional judicious slap on the palm of the hand was a useful deterrent to those who persistently disrupted classes, and without physical risk to the pupil.However, I had a latin teacher who was renown for aiming the blackboard cleaning brush when provoked, and having demonstrated his skill by successfully aiming at a wasp on the classroom wall whereupon the deceased wasp and brush fell in to the rubbish bin below, rather lost his credibility when his aim at a talkative pupil ended up in his eye socket, and losing the sight in that eye resulted in his becoming blind when his other eye failed in sympathy.