Take a good, hard look…

…because this is the result of the sort of security cock-up like the one that took place last week at Manchester.

In a move that would have been not out of place in a G4S training session, an 11 year old boy was allowed to board a plane and fly to Rome unaccompanied.

According to officials at Manchester Airport, the boy ‘mingled with other passengers’ and his documents were ‘not checked correctly at security and the boarding gate’. Or presumably when he got on the plane and helped himself to a seat?

But anyway, all this is OK because ‘the boy went through full security screening, so the safety of passengers and the aircraft were never compromised’. Bullshit. If the security screening was that full, it would surely have included a document check?

So here’s a tip to Al Quaeda and any other of you budding terrorist organisations out there : If you want to blow up a plane, then you need to use suicide bombers who can pass as eleven year old children because the procedures apparently assume that only adults carry bombs onto aeroplanes.

Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, said that the incident was ‘incredibly concerning’ although frankly I would just have called it ‘incredible’. I really do have to question why I have spent all those hours queueing at airports and faffing around with nail scissors and 100ml plastic bottles of shampoo if this is the standard of security that is being meted out.

They didn’t even do a head count, FFS. What were they all thinking?…


2 responses to “Take a good, hard look…

  1. Absolute madness. Makes a mokery of it all but a load of it is all fake like the liquid con plot, purely designed to fool the public.

  2. Ignoble Caledonian

    The whole airport security charade is a pathetic and futile attempt to exonerate the politicians from any culpability in indirectly provoking terrorist incidents in this country.