A cure for all ills?

Staggering news of a medical breakthrough that almost seems too good to be true…

Scientists in Chicago have patented two drugs which have the potential to radically effect degenerative diseases of the brain and nervous system.  This could lead to a single pill with the ability to treat Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis, strokes and Motor Neurone Disease.

Given early enough, they even believe that if it is given early enough it may be able to prevent full blown Alzheimers from taking hold.It works by damping down the inflammation thought to be responsible for many degenerative brain conditions as well as damage cause by strokes and brain injuries.

The drugs work by preventing the inflammatory processes in the brain which cause the impulses which fire between the synaptic gaps to malfunction. This leads to the brain acting like a failing commuter and eventually causes the neurones to die.

Initial animal trials have been encouraging and the team have now moved on to human trials to test the safety aspects of the drugs.

And you can even take it as a pill. A magic pill? Well, only time, but let’s hope so…

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3 responses to “A cure for all ills?

  1. The first person I thought of was Terry Pratchett.

  2. Every now and then, science actually does something good. Not much of it about these days

  3. Pratchett and a few others. I had a elderly neighbour who had Alzheimer's. She went downhill very quickly over about 6 months and had to be put in a home before she burned the house down. Tragic.And you're right, Bucko. Precious little of it about these days. My worry is if we extend life to 150 odd, then we'll need this sort of stuff to avoid spending 80 years as a gibbering idiot!