Beck off, David!…

Aaahhhhhh…..bless ‘im! He’s feeling left out!….
News this week that poor old Becks is feeling a bit miffed at being left out of the GB football team and it wouldn’t do to let the poor little angel go away and have a sulk in the corner, would it?
Well it would if it was me. But, of course, we are all in such awe of the massive celebrity culture that surrounds the Beckhams and their like that we just have to find a way to lick their backsides like the good little plebs that we are.
Just imagine the conversation in the Beckham household. “Bloody ‘ell, David. You mean they left you outta the football squad after all wot you done what with captaining England and helping them get the games an’ all? Get onto ’em an’ sort it! Wotsa matta with ya?”
“Aw, come on, babes! I mean, it’s a big fing and I did get to play with the flame at Lands End an’ all.”
“Right then. I don’t about golden balls – seems you ain’t got no balls at all these days! Gimme the bloody phone….”
“Oi, Coe, wot the bleedin’ ‘ell you fink you’re doing leavin’ my David outta fings like that? Get it sorted son or there’ll be big bovver comin’ your way, know wot I mean?…”
Anyway, it obviously worked because they’ve decided that tomorrow night, Becks will be playing a ‘special part’ in the opening ceremony. It’s a secret as to what exactly he will be doing, but apparently it will be something ‘completely unexpected’….
….and no doubt cringingly embarrassing. I can’t wait!
When is this bloke going to grow old gracefully and accept that he and his harridan of a wife are just past their sell by date? Enough, already!…

+ + + UPDATE + + + 
Apparently, another old has been has thrown his hat into the ring to support dear old Becks. Paul McCartney thinks that it scandalous that Becks has been left out of the GB football team. Well, Macca, it’s like this : It’s bad enough that you’ve shoehorned yourself into the opening ceremony and that we have to listen to you play and sing without having to listen to your worthless opinions as well.

Why don’t you join your mate and both fuck off together?


3 responses to “Beck off, David!…

  1. Seconded, thirded, etc, etc. The Beckhams are a pair of total cunts and if they actually gave that much of a fuck about the UK then perhaps they'd think about living here.Equally wish McCartney would fuck off and die somewhere, and stop fucking singing. The cunt.

  2. Ignoble Caledonian

    The true Olympic celebrities are the unassuming medal winners who seem grateful for all the help they have received along the way, and really do this country credit, rather than footballers like Beckham who receive astronomical sums of money for futile activities such as kicking a bag of air around, or advertising underpants.

  3. So that wouldn't include Andy Murray, then…