“Fuck off, Merkel…”

Seems the Italians have found something to gloat about…

Let’s face it, they never have had much time for the Germans, so Merkel’s retreat over the release of bailout funds has led to a couple of delightful headlines in the Italian press. Like the one I have reproduced above from Libero which shows Mario Balatelli kicking a football with Angela Merkel’s head on it. Apparently this is meant to symbolise not only their victory over the EU, but also their drubbing of them in Euro 2012.

The headline translates to what I’ve used as the headline above. And it’s not the only newspaper jumping on the bandwagon, because here’s another front page from Il Giornale :

In case you’re wondering, this translates to “Bye bye, lardarse!”

My advise would be very simple. I don’t blame you gloating because, let’s face it, anything that gets up the nose of the Fourth Reich is just fine with me. But while you’re delighting in kick the crap out of the esteemed austerity obsessed Chancellor, you should remember what happened last time you turned on the Germans in WWII.

There are 80 odd million Germans out there who will delight in coming back to bite you when you least expect it…


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