Olympic fiasco rolls on…

Well, last week was a remarkable one for the London Olympic Games, wasn’t it?

First we had the fiasco of G4S totally failing to meet its contractual obligations and then telling the Select Committee that they could see no reason for not keeping their fee.

Then there were the latest ticket fiascos : The sponsors selling off their tickets through agencies to avoid breaking the rules on making a profit followed by the news that there are thousands of unsold tickets and that entire sections of the stadia to be used for the football will be fenced off because nobody wants to come.

But not to worry. There are still tickets to be had for the opening ceremony. I wonder why? Oh! I remember! They cost £2,012 each…

Then there is news the the bus drivers have accepted a damn great bung – sorry, I mean bonus of course – to reflect the fact that they will be doing their jobs as usual during the games.

And then, as if to round it all off, there is the news that the PCS union will be holding a 24 hour strike the day before the games open.

Teresa May described this as ‘shameful’ and I find it hard to disagree with her. And let’s not forget that they will also be operating and overtime ban and a work to rule while the games are on as well. The union were quick to point out that they had overwhelming support with 57% voting in favour of industrial action.

They were, of course, somewhat slower to point out that only 20% of their membership bothered to vote. So that means that in fact that 88% of their total membership did not vote in favour. Democracy in action!

Oh!….I almost forgot!…Don’t even think about trying to get in wearing a Pepsi t-shirt!

I said some time ago that these games would be an embarassment for this country. With a week to go, I’m just wondering what will happen next to prove me right


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