A damn silly idea…

Apparently, speed kills – or so they would have us to believe…

Statistically, 49% of all fatal accidents on UK roads take place on country roads where the speed limit is currently 60mph, so some bright spark has come to the conclusion that we should reduce the limit to 40mph because that will mean that less people get killed. This breath-taking logic does, however, have just one or two flaws in it :

  1. If 49% of fatal accidents take place on 60mph limited country roads, this means that 51% don’t. So what is it they are proposing to do about those?
  2. If your average boy racer is hacking along a country road, is reducing the speed limit likely to stop him hacking along said road. I think not. So maybe this is just a scheme to allow the stazi to issue more speeding tickets?
  3. I wonder how many fatal accidents currently take place on roads where the limit is already 30 or 40 and these get ignored? I suspect quite a few!…
Speed doesn’t kill. Now I will grant you that if you are travelling slower when you have a collision then the survival rate increases, but there is still a very high chance that even at a reduced speed a potentially fatal accident will still result in a fatality.
The problem isn’t speed. The problem is the bloody idiot behind the wheel…
If you doubt this, then take a trip to East Anglia. As Jeremy Clarkson once put it : “When I drive my car down the road, people say ‘Oh look, it’s Cosworth!’ but in East Anglia they say ‘Oh look, there’s a car!’ As you might imagine, this has not made Clarkson very popular in East Anglia, but he has a point.
The people there can’t drive. Actually, they can’t even park. And you might think that this is because the place is predominantly populated by retired old farts. But not so, because the youngsters are even worse than the old folk. How they ever passed a driving test is beyond me unless, of course, they got someone from another part of the world to take it for them?….

Accidents in the East of England occur at very low speeds – mainly because to the old folk, thirty is a target not a limit. The other day I watched a bloke pull out of a side turning straight into the side of a car turning right into the side turning right in front of him. He was either blind, stupid or both.

As for the youngsters, they only have one speed. Flat out. This is likely true everywhere, but in the East you need to remember that they can’t drive either.

And coming back to statistics, over 95% of drivers involved in fatal accidents eat potatoes so maybe we should forget about lowering the speed limits and just ban potatoes…


3 responses to “A damn silly idea…

  1. I do most of my driving on country roads, usually a hundred miles or so at a time.Come the warm weather I find clumps of cars dawdling along at 40 mph, held up up by someone looking at the scenery. They are driving too slowly to spread the traffic out and too fast to allow safe overtaking.And this goes on for miles and miles and the eyes start to close… Has that effect been factored in? Get a queue of traffic and you can bet your boots someone will tail-end someone else. We might not kill anyone but there will be vehicle carnage.

  2. This is plain stupid.First up, I should admit that every time I get behind the wheel I certainly do break the speed limit. I'm neither proud nor ashamed of this, it's just the way things are. I like driving powerful cars and I think the speed limits in place are woefully outdated and inappropriate for the modern car.Obviously I will slow to what I consider an appropriate speed e.g. in residential areas, and almost always this speed will be within the state stipulated limit. As with many things, it is a question of common sense. And also as with many things, the reduction of what is already an inappropriate speed limit from 60 to 40 is just another example of how anything the state touches inevitably gets fucked up.Just how knee-jerk can you get when you have a slight blip in the data after 4000 years of continual decline? Oh noes, can't let any ad hoc anomalies interfere with the trend, something must be done. Fucking idiots.As you say D, cars don't kill, inept drivers do. Why don't they take a look at the fucking driving test? I don't really know how much it's changed since mine 29 years ago, but I think not all that much.My driving test was just about going through some motions. Indicate at the right time, use mirrors, 3 point turn. This is bullshit. Teach people how to control a car in the snow, teach them about driving defensively, about road awareness and all the other things which are going to stop them being killed.With cars as they are now you have to have a pretty serious accident to die. Belts, airbags, crumple zones. People who end up brown bread must be doing some pretty serious playing chicken to get through all that lot and end up at the pearly gates.Perhaps we should just accept this as a simple form of natural selection with the dumb fucks who think they can take their Corsa round a country lane bend at 85 mph in the rain with no risk? Obviously a bit harsh on the poor girls in the back or the poor old dear coming the other way on said country lane, but seriously, just how much attention is Dwayne going to pay to a new speed limit?Gubmint, seriously – look elsewhere. That's where you will find your problem and might even help give you a clue as to the answer.

  3. I find it hard to disagree with anything either of you have said!

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