The scroungers charter

I sometimes wonder whether the Fourth Reich is taking the piss, and then just once in a while I come across a story which makes me absolutely sure of it!

My regular reader will no that I do not hold a lot of truck with Human Rights lobby, and I welcomed Cameron’s decision to set up a commission to advice him on how to introduce a Bill of Rights to replace this particular piece of EU lunacy.

But the Brussels beaurocrats are hitting back with proposals to extend the Human Rights Act. If the recommendations are put into effect, then work shy scroungers could sue the government for failing to supply them with a decent standard of living!!

They are also proposing that the Eurocrats could be given the powers to declare British laws invalid if they clash with European human rights legislation.

Last week, a report worked out that a family of four required an income of around £37,000 per annum to have a ‘satisfactory lifestyle’ but the government is imposing a £26,000 cap on benefits. If these proposals go through then recipients could sue for the difference as an infringement of their human rights. Lunacy! Absolute bloody lunacy!

Currently, EU judges can only rule that a UK court’s decision is incompatible with human rights and then have to leave it up to the politicians to decide what to do next. Under these proposals, those decisions could be ruled illegal and overruled. I cannot believe that there is any sane, responsible UK citizen who would not find this completely unacceptable.

The sooner we get out of this madhouse, the better…


3 responses to “The scroungers charter

  1. If you can get £37 k on benefits then there is no point in working to get £37 k is there ? Shouldn't we be looking to reduce the benefits cap to say half the amount you need to live on by working – otherwise its just too easy to claim your benefits and do a bit of cash-in-hand or whatever to make up the difference. Meanwhile all those silly sods out there can keep on working, day in, day out to pay enough taxes so the benefit classes don't have to bother.

  2. I was chatting with some people in "Recruitment" the other day and remarked that life must be hard in an area lucky enough to have just 3% unemployment.They responded that when you take out those who do not, never have and will not work their baseline is an unemplyment rate of .1% (yes, point one per cent).I'd let the rest starve, or get one of the many jobs advertised throughout the city and sod their Human Rights.

  3. yep it's gone through* Aticle 22* tuck it away for when the cuts really begin to bite! then sue!hit them where it hurts!