The workshy young…

A lot has been said over the last few days about the fiasco that is the G4S ‘effort’ to recruit enough security staff for the imminent Olympic Games…

…so I had to piss myself laughing when I read last night that as the great bunfight starts to take shape with the arrival of the first traunch of athletes and officials, only 17 put of the 56 expected security staff employed by G4S actually turned up for work! Is it any wonder that even the Chairman of G4S is so disgusted with his company’s performance that he thinks that his chief executive and most of the senior management team should be considering their positions?

This led me to wonder what exactly is wrong with people in this country that they simply can’t be bothered to turn up for work even when they are lucky enough to have a job? Couple this with the politicians banging on about ‘youth unemployment’ at every opportunity and one would be forgiven for asking exactly what is going wrong?

Well, I was lucky enough last week to catch a couple of programmes hosted by Margaret Mountford and Nick Hewer of ‘Apprentice’ fame where they took a bunch of 70+ pensioners and pitched them up against youngsters for jobs on building sites, in restaurants and in factories. The idea was to investigate whether it really was practical for people to work longer to ease the pensions crisis, but what actually emerged was far more revealing.

A 73 year old woman was pitched against a teenage girl in a restaurant as a waitress. The woman stuck it out for the full fortnight, thoroughly enjoyed her job and was offered work at the end. The teenager failed to turn up on the second day and couldn’t be bothered to ring in to explain her absence.

On the building site, a young plumber got stuck in and proved his worth, but the equivalent plasterer didn’t bother to come in on his second day.

In the factory, two lads were engaged. The first turned up on time but then didn’t turn in on day two because he found the job ‘boring’. The other lad turned up late on his first day because he ‘didn’t know what the start time was’ although his mate seemed to know. He disappeared at lunch time and didn’t come back. When the production team called at his house, he came to the door and explained he’d had a dodgy burger for lunch and didn’t feel well.

When he was asked what he thought his employer would would make of that, he replied ‘I don’t give a fuck what they think. Can I go back to bed now?’ He never came back to the factory.

The conclusion of this must be that the older employee may not be as quick as their younger counterparts, but they are a damn site more reliable and they have a considerably better work ethic.

My good friend ChasC wrote a song called ‘Too Damn Late’ which contains the lines ‘Drinking beer and smoking a joint. I could try harder but what’s the point?’ which seems to sum it all up nicely.

If you can sit on your arse and take money off the government, then where’s the motivation to work?

I despair for the future of this nation…


3 responses to “The workshy young…

  1. A while back an employer was on Radio 4 radio with a similar story. His job ad stipulated a written application so the 50% who posted CVs got no interview (failure to obey instruction).

    Of the half dozen interviewed four could barely hold a pen or had clear interpesonal challenges. Two were offered the job, one turned up, she was 64.

    As for the G4S fiasco what sort of people might commit themselves to one months work sevearl weeks in advance?
    Students perhaps or those seeking to prove their willingness to find work to The Social but in the certainty of looming redundancy. Any capable person would have found something more worthwhile in the meantime.

  2. Because most work is shit. What's with this strange self-flagellation like attitude to work? The guy who wrote the song is right, there is no point; we're all going to die one day and no one is going to care if we had a job or not.

  3. Thanks, Anon. Nice to get a song right once in a while rather than feel I am howling at the moon!