"UKIP if you want to…"

Frankly, when I heard recently that UKIP were now Britain’s third party with polls putting them ahead of the LibDems I was bit skeptical. But then again the fact that we have a coalition government would have been thought ridiculous a couple of years back…

Back in April, the YouGov voting intentions poll put UKIP neck and neck with the Limp Dumps and I thought this was probably a blip. I was wrong. It seems that three different polls this month have put UKIP on 8%. Now that might not sound a lot, but it’s more than the Greens and the have an MP in the commons. And it’s as good as that minor coalition partner.

So why the change of heart? Well, Cameron says that we’re not getting a referendum on the EU. Well, we are but ‘the time is not right at the moment’ which amounts to the same thing. That certainly got up my nose and I suspect I might not be alone?

Also, according to the pollsters, when asked what was the biggest contributing factor to Britain being in recession, over a third replied ‘The european Union’ – specifically the Eurozone so as a pro-European it’s hardly surprising that we’re not getting that referendum ‘at this time’.

I’ve never liked the Fourth Reich as my regular reader will have noticed. It’s corrupt, overly bureaucratic and full of unelected people with nothing better to do than sit on their loathsome spotty behinds squeezing blackheads and thinking up bloody stupid rules – like banning proper lightbulbs, replacing toilet cisterns that actually work with ones that leak and telling us we can’t deport Abu Qatada.

So on that basis, will I vote UKIP in 2015? Too bloody right I will – although it will make no difference as I live in a safe Tory seat…


6 responses to “"UKIP if you want to…"

  1. As long as one votes for “anyone except one of the (so-called) “top three””, it will be an effective protest vote. In some constituencies that will be UKIP, but it could be Green or even worse in others. Just don't vote for Lib/Lab/Con: no more of the same corrupt cartel laughingly pouring excrement on our long-suffering heads.

  2. The problem is of course that with the safe seat 'system' that we are lumbered with, people like me are effectively disenfranchised. PR is a better system from that point of view but you end up with loads of little parties getting elected and no party having an overall majority.

    And look where we are at the moment with a coalition that's effectively neutering itself!

  3. Dioclese, your seat may be a safe Tory one today but I have picked up that the Tories are really rattled at the huge increase in support for UKIP.

    The Liberal Doo-Dahs are also hopefully going to do the decent thing and cease to exist soon.

    Now, if UKIP could get rid of that single issue name.. There is after all a huge vacuum for an English party…..Or for that matter non rabid Welsh and Scottish parties.

    Wouldn't it be nice to see the tired self serving old guard get a good stuffing.

  4. And, Billo, England might get it's own parliament one day – but I'm not holding my breath…

  5. You would seriously think that some people that have voted in the past and seeing the same Tory/Labour idiots make a total mess of things they might want to vote for something new. Yet the dumb fucks vote the same plebs in every time without fail.

  6. Adolph Hitler would have bitten off his knob for 8% of the vote just 6 years beore the German electorate swept his Nazis to power (not comparing UKIP to Nazis, just an example of what democracy can do; same applies to US Republicans which started off as a right wing protest group).