Not in the real world…

Here we go again – good old Unite flexing it’s muscles without taking account of anything that even remotely approaches reality.

The Coryton Refinery was put into adminstration after it’s owners Petroplus went bankrupt. The administrators have tried to find a buyer, but the fact of the matter is that nobody really wants it because refining capacity dictates that it’s not needed. Certainly nobody is prepared to stump up the £625 million needed to turn it around.

This is undoubtedly very sad for the locals as the plant has been there since the 1950’s and is a major employer in the area.

They have my sympathy, However, the posturings and protestations of Unite just show how out of touch they are.

Unite’s Linda McCulloch said: “The administrators are moving far too fast with their redundancy programme. There is a very strong case for short-term state aid to be provided by the government until a viable buyer is found.”

The union wants the government to keep it going, but what’s the point? OK it would help the employees but the simple fact is that there is no market for the product. If there was then the plant would not have been put into administration in the first place. Nobody wants the place…

and there’s simply no point in throwing good money after bad.


One response to “Not in the real world…

  1. Surely if Unite are so sure the Refinery makes economic sense they can use their pension fund to buy it from the Administrators?