Top uses for a mobile phone…

I was fascinated on Sunday to read about the top uses for a mobile phone. A recent survey reveals that the average mobile user spends 2 hours and 8 minutes on the phone every day – which is pretty sad in itself – but what’s more surprising is that this is how they waste those 2 hours :

  1. 24 minutes browsing the internet – which I suppose could at least be a good thing if you are reading this blog on a mobile right now?
  2. 17 minutes accessing social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook – that’s in addition to the 24 minutes of general browsing…
  3. 15 minutes a day listening to music – which should at least please my musical friend ChasC
  4. 14 minutes playing games
  5. and finally at number five it’s making calls which clocks in at measly 12 minutes.

Interestingly, when a similar survey was carried out my Virgin mobile in 2010, the top use was texting which now doesn’t even come into the top five.

I was talking to a friend the other day who has just ‘invested’ a three figure sum in the latest all singing, all dancing smart phone. He explained to me that these days, they are referred to as ‘mobile devices’ or simply ‘mobiles’ and that the ‘phone’ bit is no longer common parlance.

When I asked him why, he told me that his new mobile was marvellous for lots of things but that, actually, when is came to talking to people on it then it really wasn’t very good at all!

Luckily I am a dinosaur and only have a PAYG Nokia which I only use for calls and the occasinal text. Actually, it’s becuse I have an old car and it there to dig me out of a hole if it breaks down. I call it my insurance because I am convinced that as long as I carry it, I will not need it.

Mrs D is even worse and refuses to go anywhere near it…


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