On the buses…

Sometimes, I have to admit that I get it wrong – not often, mind you. Just sometimes…

On the face of it, it seems that I might have been wrong when I took a pop at the greedy bastards on the London buses for trying to screw a £500 bonus out of their employers in return for not fucking up the great Olympic bunfest. I couldn’t see how you could justify paying the drivers extra for driving a bus that was full as opposed to one that was half full. It didn’t seem logical and I couldn’t see any reason for this other than blackmail.

Now at this point I have to put in a little caveat. I was also sort of right – but then I heard the other side of the argument. It goes like this :

  • Lots more passengers = lots more fares
  • Lots more fares = lots more profits
  • Lots more profits = fucking great bonuses for the bosses

The unions quite rightly argue that if the bosses are sticking their snouts in the bonus trough because of all the extra money the companies will be making, then it is only right that the employees should also share in the extra profits being generated by this bunfest.

So to all you drivers who were on strike last week that I accused of being greedy, opportunist, money grabbing bastards, I say this :  You are still greedy, opportunist, money grabbing bastards – but so are your bosses. So I understand now where you are coming from.

However, two wrongs don’t make a right… 


3 responses to “On the buses…

  1. If the drivers can't have it and the bosses can't have it, who can?

  2. If they want bosses wages and bosses bonuses I'd suggest they start their own fucking bus company!

  3. Probably couldn;t start their own comapny because they can't get a bank loan, Barman!