Striking doctors caption competition…

Now I know that a lot of doctors are on strike today, so instead of treating patients I thought I should give them something else to do.

So, if you are a doctor, then why not put a caption to the above picture? After all, it’s a chance for you to get your message across to the public about how hard done by you are and how we’re all in it together – except you of course.

And, in the interests of fairness, all you non-doctors out there : what do you think the doctor is saying?

Here’s a few suggestions…

“Hey! It says here that not only am I getting paid to go on strike, but I’m going to get a £68,000 indexed linked pension as well!!

“Medicine is a great profession now we’ve found a way to avoid all those sick people and still get paid!”

“Well, that’s one way of getting my BMA subs back…”

“Nurse! Come quickly – I think my bank balance is dying!”

Perhaps I’m being a little hard on them?

But then again…


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