Coming soon to an airport near you…

I fly quite a lot – and if you are the same then you should be afraid; very afraid.

The Cologne-based European Aviation Safety Agency of  planning to lower  Britain’s high standards by pursuing a “lowest common denominator” approach to harmonise rules across the EU.
If the Eu manages to enforce these rules – flying in face of common sense, if you will forgive the pun – then UK pilots sould be forced to land aircraft after they have been awake for the last 22 hours. The pilots body, BALPA, thinks that this is lunacy and MPs agree with them but, of course, the EU don;t give a flying fuck about what they think.

Louise Ellman, Chairman of the cross party Transport Select Committee said “Currently, the UK implements stricter flight time regulations than some other European countries, but under the new rules proposed by the European Aviation Safety Agency, the UK would not be able to have its own regime.
“Forty three per cent of pilots have reported falling asleep involuntarily at some point whilst on duty under the UK’s current regulatory framework.

“Current EU proposals risk making the situation worse, by lowering the UK’s current standards.”

What I don’t understand about this is why the Fourth Reich wants to force us to lower our standards in stead of just insisting on a minimum standard. If we already exceed that minimum standard then why should be forced to lower it to their level. It’s lunacy, it’s dangerous, and it makes no sense.

Yet another example of EU bureaucrats making up rules based on zero experience in the field and with nothing better to do with the time on their hands than to thing up more and more stupid regulations.

It really is time we stood up and said “No!” to these people before somebody ends up dying for their stupidity…


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