Political prat of the month

This month’s prize political prat is former chancellor Geoffrey Howe, now Lord Howe of Aberavon and well known for stabbing Margaret Thatcher in the back.

Seems his lordship has decided that 2012 is the year that we should abandon miles, pints and ounces and fully embrace the metric system. Apparently he believes that visitors to the Olympics will think that Britain is hanging onto its imperial past, and that this is a bad thing!

He believes that the mixture of metric and imperial in this country is a ‘deeply confusing shambles’. Well, it might confuse a doddery old bastard like Howe, but I for one am quite happy with things the way they are. Furthermore, he says that the lack of any attempt by the government to clarify matters was a glaring ommission from the Queen’s speech.

Howe made these astonishing pronouncements during the Lords debate on the said speech. He went on: ‘Weights and measures are in a mess. Litres for petrol and fizzy drinks, pints for milk and beer, metres and kilometres for athletics and the Ordinance Survey, miles per gallon for cars, the metric system for school, still pounds and ounces for the market.

‘This muddle does matter. It increases cost, confuses shoppers, leads to serious misunderstandings, causes accidents, confuses our childrens education and, quite bluntly, puts us all to shame.’

Well, it might put you to shame, Geoffrey, but some of us are actually proud of our heritage and our way of life and would rather dump the metric system than the other way around…

But there’s more: ‘The country has been dithering on the issue for 150 years (really??) and that has led to a split between the metrically literate and a rudderless, bewildered majority. The only solution is to complete the changeover to metric as swiftly and as cleanly as possible.’

And while we’re at it, yer lordship, why don’t we drive on the right and change all our electrics to 110 volts like good little European drones?

For being completely and utterly out of touch with reality, and for lacking any sense of what’s really important right now, Lord Howe of Aberavon gets my ‘Political Prat of the Month’ award…


9 responses to “Political prat of the month

  1. Captain Haddock

    " .. and that has led to a split between the metrically literate and a rudderless, bewildered majority" ..In which case, for the majority of so-called democratic nations, the majority view would prevail .. And whilst you're at it, you can give us back our Half-crowns, Shillings, Sixpences, Threepenny bits, Pennies, Ha'pennies & Farthings ..Or will there be a plain brown envelope winging its way to you at the end of this campaign, your Lordship ?

  2. Most of this would, of course, never have happened if the traitor Heath hadn't sold us down the river to the EU in the first place.To be fair, I can understand getting rid of £sd because of computers – but to suggest we are all stupid is rich coming from a treacherous little arsehole like Howe.

  3. Captain Haddock

    As you rightly say, Dio .. many, if not most of our present troubles regarding sovereignty can be laid directly at the door of the traitor & pederast Heath .. may he rot in hell !However, I don't believe that its beyond the capabilities of the computer whizz-kids to design a programme which could handle £sd ..I steadfastly refuse to buy anything in metric & always insist they convert it to imperial, if they're either unable or decline to do so, I simply abandon whatever I've selected & go spend my money elsewhere ..That said, my local Butcher & Fishmonger (both family-run businesses) offer instant conversion, if requested, so they get my loyal patronage ..

  4. Computers would have no problem at all with a system of Base 10(£) base 20(s) and base 12(d) as they are not metric in the first place, they are base 2(Binary) normally expressed in base 8(Octal) & 16(Hexadecimal) 🙂 In the campaign against metrication of measurements it was also pointed out(I was in the building trade then) that 12(inches) was divisible by 6, 4,3, and 2 whereas 10 is only divisible by 5 & 2 😦 all to no avail of course.

  5. Sadly fighting a losing battle Dioclese since metric is being introduced via State education where they use nothing else; aided and abetted by the BBC (surprise surprise) and such things as notices which proclaim"It is illegal to smoke within 5 metres of this building"Since when were metres recognized as a lawful unit of measurement by our Courts?On the other hand I remember hearing an elderly lady in remote village in northern Holland ask her grocer for "two ounces of ham" 200 years after Napoleon forced metrication on that country.

  6. Good point, Timbo. After 25 years in IT, you think I'd know that wouldn't you?

  7. Actually, an ounce in Holland is a bit different from the iunce that is known in the UK…However, having met a wide variety of people who are rased totally in the metric system, when they find out about the imperial system, do prefer to use the units when approximating; perhaps these units represent something that humans can truly imagine?Radical Rodent

  8. … don't you just HATE typos …?RR

  9. Whihc tpyo? I love 'em. I do 'em all the time!