The Aetherius Society

This week’s wacky religion is the Aetherius Society.

On an uneventful day in 1954, George King was sitting alone in his London apartment when suddenly, out of the blue, Aetherius shouted: “Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament.”

So he did…

Its guiding principle is ‘Service to Humanity’. Its teachings combine the ancient spiritual teachings of yoga, with others received through the yogic mediumship of King in the channelling of so-called advanced extraterrestrial beings.

Instructed by ‘Cosmic Intelligences’ to present himself in America, King came to the United States in June 1960. It soon became incorporated as a non-profit metaphysical, education and spiritual organisation in November 1960.

The basic beliefs are :

  1. Service to mankind, as well as to other forms of life.
  2. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Patanjali, and Sri Adi Shankaracharya are amongst some of the great Cosmic Avatars that have come to Earth from other planets in this Solar System. These Great Beings taught mankind the great laws according to their ability at the time to understand and use them.
  3. The ‘Cosmic Masters’ purportedly gave a series of ‘Transmissions’ in which they state that the scribes of the Bible actually regarded the Sun as God and that long before this the ancients worshipped the Sun as a God because they realised, in their own limited way, that this was the nearest thing to God in the Solar System
  4. The concept of co-operation as a fundamental principle to spiritual evolution
  5. Reincarnation allows people on Earth to receive a deeper understanding of existence through each consecutive body, culture, and gender that are experienced in the cycle of incarnation
  6. Not only do advanced forms of life exist beyond this Earth, but the other planets within our Solar System are inhabited too.
  7. We all have a spark of the divine within us
  8. Earth is an extremley ‘advanced spiritual Being’ in Her own right
  9. Meditation is an existential status of Adeptship “when the soul is bathed in the Light of pure Spirit and one becomes a knower of truth.”
  10. The society offers for sale a device they call a “radionic pendulum” designed by the founder which diagnoses health, finds allergies, selects remedies, identifies dietary requirements and develops intuition.

The Aetherius Society claims that almost immediately following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami they sent some 500 hours of ‘spiritual energy’ from their ‘Operation Prayer Power batteries’ to the north-eastern part of Japan to support the disaster relief in that area.

A further 115,500 hours of ‘spiritual energy’ was allegedly released up to the evening of 14 March 2011, to help the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster which soon followed. The Aetherius Society state that they have sent a total of some ‘550,000 prayer hours’ towards the disaster in ‘187 separate operations’ (As of April 6, 2011), although the situation is likely to cause many problems for many years to come.

Carried out between 1958 and 1961, George King is believed to have been ‘instructed’ to travel to 19 holy mountains around the world, climb to a certain point and act as a “karmic anchor-point” for “energies to be radiated through him into the mountain.” He claimed that these mountains could be used as “power-centres” or “spiritual batteries” for energy to be tapped by mankind in order to greatly enhance prayers sent out to the world.

If you fancy joining, then go to their web page – the FAQs section is particularly interesting.

Blessed is the great Being known as the Galaxy…


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