Fuck you, Costas, I’m alright…

Now, you are probably going to think that I am a bit of a wally (shurely not?) but I will admit that I actually quite fancy the lovely Christine…

There’s something quite sexy about an elegant woman of a certain age who is also articulate.
But that’s all over now, because Pops has left a comment on my post about austerity that has completely burst my bubble – because if there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s a rampart bloody hypocrite!!
Here’s an article that Pops pointed me towards in TNT Magazine that I am shamelessly reproducing here :

International Monetary Fund Boss Christine Lagarde has been exposed as a hypocrite for not paying tax, after taking a swipe at the people of Greece for not paying theirs.

Lagarde’s £298,675 salary, plus $53,593 in bonuses is untaxed as she is an official of an international institution. She is even entitled to an annual pay rise on her five-year contract.

Her financial package is greater than that of US president Barack Obama who pays taxes.

The IMF boss cause international outrage after she suggested beleaguered Greeks might do well to pay their taxes.

A tax-free income applies to nearly all United Nations employees. Article 34 of the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations of 1961, signed by 187 states, declares: “A diplomatic agent shall be exempt from all dues and taxes, personal or real national, regional or muncipal.”

The clause is in place ostensibly to attract talent from the private sector, however most senior employees are recruited from government posts anyway.

And just for the record, the unfortunate pose she is striking in the picture above is real and was not doctored…


3 responses to “Fuck you, Costas, I’m alright…

  1. Captain Haddock

    Is it just me, or can anyone else see the likeness between this woman and Alistair Darling ?He was as a useless hypocritical twat too ..

  2. Does Ashton have this same tax free status?

  3. Having read the rules, I'd say 'Yes' unless someone out there knows better…