Who’d be a head teacher?

It seems that recent investigations have revealed that teachers and deputy heads don’t want the top job…
One is tempted to ask why. After all, is this job not the pinnacle of a teachers career? Should they not be fighting each other for the privilege? I decided to ask a friend of mine who used to be a deputy head what she thought about it.
Like many people who go into the teaching profession – and, to be honest, it’s one where you need the patience of a saint and the skin of a rhinoceros – she got into it to – – errrr – – teach children. Seems obvious really. As a deputy head, she still got involved in the classroom albeit less than she used to, but she had no desire to give up the contact with pupils so that she could fill in paperwork for the government and do a load of admin work.
And, she added, you don’t actually get much extra money for the aggro, either.
It seems to me to be a waste of talent and training to take a teacher out of class and lock them away in an office. Should we not perhaps be employing administrators to run our schools thus freeing up the teacher to actually teach children?
I could never be a teacher as I cannot tolerate fools gladly, so dealing with parents, pupils and other teachers would be right out of the window. But I take my hat off to people who can do it; often abused and often maligned and, occasionally, a bunch of militant bastards. But no-one is perfect.
I could however run a school. That’s management and I’m quite good at that…

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