Immigration queues

Now my regular reader will know that I travel about this world quite a lot, so the subject of queues at Heathrow waiting to get back through passport control is a subject fairly close to my heart.
Apparently there is a target for immigration queues of 45 minutes – a frightening enough target in itself if you are the one standing in the queue but, I suppose, not unreasonable as a maximum, especially at peak traffic times.
Anyway, there is an inspectorate whose job it is to assess how well the UKBA is performing. That’s the UKBA you will recall that was recently described as ‘unfit for purpose’. They produced their figures for waiting times and these were immediately rubbished by the government.
So the official response is that the inspectors were measuring the queues in a different way and therefore waiting times were being exaggerated.
Well, there’s a simple way to sort that out, isn’t there?
I suggest that Immigration Minister, Damian Green, gets his arse down to Heathrow and sends a day there assessing the situation for himself. Simples.

In a statement, a UKBA spokesperson said: “Border Force and BAA data shows that queueing time targets for UK and EEA citizens were not breached during April. But we know at times queues have been too long. That is why we have announced an extra 80 staff for peak times at Heathrow. And it’s why we’ve also, engaged an extra 480 people to cover the Olympic period.”

Sorry guys, but the mouthwash just ain’t making it…


One response to “Immigration queues

  1. This border thing really annoys me.For a start, how come it is the responsibility of a government minister to organise the roster of an airport? Some management tw@t somewhere is responsible for getting staff in the right place and paid handsomely no doubt. Does your local large supermarket have 45 minute till queues? Does the Home Secretary traipse down to Tesco to check? To me this is another example of the political "management" of the Public sector. We all know the manager class never reduce their numbers, just cull the front line and make a point to the electorate. Cut the dustmen and the peeps who empty the dog mess bins, then hand-wring to the public.Brewery – Soiree – Incapable.