Merkel meets with Hollande…

Transcript of the first meeting of the new French President and Chancellor Merkel…

Merkel : So, haf you come round to mine vay of thinking?

Hollande : Non.

Merkel : But you must see zat mine vay is the only vay!

Hollande : Non.

Merkel : Sweinhund! We haf vays of making you tow ze line!

Hollande : Non. Mais you are tres sexy ven you are engrie…

Merkel : You must help to bail out ze Greeks or ve are all in ze shite!

Hollande : Non.

Merkel : Austerity is ze only answer!

Hollande : Non.

Merkel : Do you have nothing else to say?

Hollande : Non.

(…Meeting continues in this vein for three hours….)

Merkel : So ve vill issue a joint communique saying ve vill continue to vork togezzer in ze interests of ze Eurozone?

Hollande : Oui.

(Meeting closes on positive note…)


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