New Olympic message…

Readers will be pleased to know that now there are less than three months to go until the Olympic fiasco is thrust upon us, Coe’s merry men are starting to put their latest message across…

The other night I was wending my weary way home from Heathrow around the M25. I couldn’t believe what I saw!

There it was in bloudy great yellow lights staring down at me from the plethora of gantries now spanning our motorways : “2012 Olympics. Plan your journey now to avoid delays”

FFS! Is there no escape from this monster that has been unleashed on this unsuspecting and naive nation! As if I wasn’t already sufficiently tired at close to midnight and having enough trouble concentrating on my driving, I have to have by blood pressure raised to bursting point by this meaningless, overpriced and completely unnecessary piece of shite.

But you are right, Mr Coe. I am planning my Olympic journey…

I intend to be as far away as possible!


2 responses to “New Olympic message…

  1. I saw a similar sign on the M6 at Preston. Just when I was thinking I was far enough away. Bah!

  2. Is that really Coe? He looks just like that other useless cunt, Hunt

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