Is the Fourth Reich starting to unravel?

‘Sieg Heil and farewell’ from outed Sarkozy

Confirmation tonight that the French do, in fact, chuck their rubbish into the Seine…

I don’t know about you, but I am pleased to see that some common sense is at last breaking out across the Fourth Reich with news that half of the dreaded Merkozy has had his sad little Napoleonic arse kicked out of office.

Perhaps this reflects the fact that the French have had enough of being told ‘we’re all in it together’ when in fact the real message is ‘sod you, Pierre – I’m alright!’ At the end of the day, Sarkozy was far from popular. Known as the ‘bling-bling’ president, his life style was ostentatiously above the very people upon who he was heaping austerity.

Hervé Gattegno of Le Point, said: “He became a reality TV president, a bizarre mixture of ordinary man and media star, whose daily life was a permanent show. It should come as no surprise if, in the end, the public eliminated him like a vulgar Star Academy candidate.”

The final straw probably came when he was severely ruffled in the televised debate with the man who is now the new president, appearing bad tempered and on the back foot whilst his opponent reacted calmly to every nasty remark thrown at him. Hardly a statesmanlike performance.

François Hollande’s election throws down the gauntlet to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, who has railroaded the eurozone into agreeing a new “fiskalpakt” treaty enshrining Germany’s austerity doctrine

On top of this, the Greeks have also had enough of being dictated to my foreigners and would appear to have had a mini-revolution all of their own, kicking out the parties that have been screwing them to the EU yoke. The country looks to be leaderless today as the minority parties scrabble together to form some sort of coalition.

I am reminded of a friend of mine in Greece who told me last year that Greece would leave the Euro within the next two years. Who knows if he will be right, but it certainly looks more likely this week than it did last.

And where does this leave Chancellor Merkel? Well, her party seems to have been hammered in an election in the state of Schleswig-Holstein – the latest in a series of setbacks at the ballot box for her ruling coalition.

Add that to the local elections on the UK and the mauling that our ruling coalition has taken and you could be forgiven for thinking that the ordinary people of Europe have had enough of the whole bloody circus.

And I, for one, say “About time!”


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