The Church of Euthanasia

Continuing my search for religions that are – how can I put it? – somewhat less than mainsteam, we turn our attention this week to the Church of Euthanasia.

The Church of Euthanasia (CoE), was started by the Reverend Chris Korda (pictured above) in the Boston, Massachusetts area of the United States.

It claims to be a non-profit educational foundation devoted to restoring balance between Humans and the remaining species on Earth. They believe this can only be accomplished by a massive voluntary population reduction, which will require a leap in Human consciousness to a new species awareness.

The CoE uses sermons, music, culture jamming, publicity stunts and direct action combined with an underlying sense of satire and black humor to highlight Earth’s unsustainable population.

It is notorious for its conflicts with Pro-life Christian activists. According to the church’s website, the one commandment is “Thou shalt not procreate”.

It further asserts four principal pillars:

  • suicide,
  • abortion,
  • cannibalism (“strictly limited to consumption of the already dead”), and
  • sodomy (“any sexual act not intended for procreation”).

Slogans employed by the group include “Save the Planet, Kill Yourself”, “Six Billion Humans Can’t Be Wrong”, and “Eat a Queer Fetus for Jesus”, all of which are intended to mix inflammatory issues to unnerve those who oppose abortion and homosexuality.

Here’s a few frequently asked questions :

Do I have to kill myself?
Of course you don’t have to kill yourself! If you really want to, though, wait until after you’ve joined the Church. That way, you automatically become a saint, without any additional paperwork. Don’t forget to leave a note thanking and/or blaming the Church, and feel free to will us your estate, if you have one.

I’ve already procreated. Can I still join?
Absolutely! So long as you don’t have any more. We have a number of members with children, and we even have a member whose son joined too. What’s done is done. What matters is your commitment now.

Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?
I’ll kill myself when I feel like it. Suicide is OPTIONAL, remember? Maybe if people stopped having so many babies, we could build a compassionate, sustainable future, and I wouldn’t want to kill myself anymore.

It’s an interesting website. Just click here


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