Rotten Boroughs : Werrington, Staffordshire

Turf wars have broken out in the sleepy village of Werrington when police were called to a heated parish council meeting where the issue of verge cutting got severely out of hand…

The two officers, who arrived in separate cars, were kept on the scene for more than an hour to take aside a member who had refused to leave the meeting.

There had been claims some of the verges were being cut while others were left unkempt. Apparently, the village has a ‘lengthsman’ whose job it is to keep a length of road tidy. But he got a bit beyond himself and starting cutting verges which should have been maintained by Staffordshire County Council.

This led to an argument over which verges should be cut by whom when some of the villagers obviously reckoned their man could do it better. This led the council into a heated debate over costs!

Cllr Lisa Martin was asked to take the motion forward and by her own admission “not being the sort of person to sit there and nod my head” decided to stir things up a bit. At this point another Cllr proposed a vote for her to be removed from the chamber. When this was passed, she refused to leave and the police were called.

David Shaw, who proposed the vote for her removal said “I joined the council to try to prevent this type of conduct and to bring some order to our sessions, but this proves I have failed miserably!”

Standards, dear boy! Standards…


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