How to vote tomorrow…

Are you one of the so called ‘disconnected’ voters? Perhaps you feel ‘disengaged’ or just plain disinterested?

Well, I’ve got news for you. If you don’t go out and vote tomorrow then I have not sympathy for you. If you don’t vote then you have no right to complain. Low turnout simply equals ‘Do what you like to me. I’ll just roll over and let you get on with it!’

For many years now I have campaigned long and hard for compulsory voting in all UK elections – with the stipulation that there must be a box for ‘No suitable candidate’ otherwise it becomes meaningless. There is currently no system in the UK for registering dissatisfaction.

So tomorrow, I don’t care what party you support or don’t support.

If you like the look of the policies of a particular candidate, then vote for that candidate.

But if, like me, you think that politicians in general are a money grabbing, irresponsible, self-centred, lying, cheating pain in the arse who don’t give a toss about the electorate, then write ‘NO SUITABLE CANDIDATE‘ across your ballot paper to spoil it.

Only when there is a majority of spoilt ballots in an election might they actually take notice of us.

Not voting is simply giving in…


3 responses to “How to vote tomorrow…

  1. For years I too was in the 'if you don't vote then nothing will change camp' but guess what if you accept their offer to be part of their United Kingdom in return for a vote nothing will change!

    Sadly even being off the roll doesn't affect anything as there are NO local elections in my little part of the British Isles tomorrow.

    Vote or don't vote. Turn up and deface the paper. Be off the roll and don't get the invite none of makes any difference to those who rule.

  2. I'll be doing that.

  3. What I did was put the form straight into the ballot box right in front of the officials so it was obvious that I was voting for none of the above.