Political prat of the week…

The thing about the LibDems is that whilst they had no chance of getting elected, they could spout crap with complete impunity – but when they suddenly find themselves in government then the cracks are harder to paper over…

So it is with Chris Nicholson. Nicholson stood for the LibDems at the last election in Streatham, Balham and Brixton where he failed to get elected. He is the director and chief executive of CetreForum, a LibDem think tank, and before that was a partner at accountants KPMG where he headed the public finance department.

I hold the view that qualified accountants shuld be barred by statute from running any sort of organisation because their training makes them fundamentally unsuited to dealing with the real world. This guy kinda bears me out in that view.

What got up my nose about Nicholson was that in a situation where the pensioners of this country are being hardest hit by the recession – especially those living off their savings – he wants to hit them even harder.

Pensioners are suffering from low interest on savings, the abolition of age related allowances, and increases in tax on pension drawdowns from 35% to 55% just to name a few. All this following on from diminishing pension pots  and Gordon Brown’s smash and grab raid.

Now this creep wants to take away free bus passes, free TV licenses for 75 years olds and the winter fuel payment.

That’s not all. He also wants to cap maternity benefit, raise council house rents, and restrict disabled people who lease cars through the Motability scheme to getting a new vehicle very six years, rather than every three years.

Deputy PM Nick Clegg commented “CentreForum is a think tank that has become ever more important over the past few years” which frankly shows just how out of touch he is as well.

With policies like these, it is easy to see why Nicholson failed to get elected…


One response to “Political prat of the week…

  1. Ignoble Caledonian

    CentreForum sounds a misnomer to me, and Nicholson an unfeeling hypocrite.