Poof! You’re cured!

It’s good to know that in these enlightened times that good old fashioned religious bigotry is alive and well and walking the streets of London! Well, actually no – strictly speaking it’s riding on a bus in London…

A bunch of religious nutters known as the Core Issues Trust have decided that being a homosexual is actually a disease and that God can cure you of it.

Apparently the slogan “Some people are gay! Get over it” is an attempt to “close down critical debate about being gay and marriage ‘equality’” They believe that “promotion of homosexual practices to children and young people, many of whom are known to experience ambivalence as they sort through issues of sexual identity, is misleading and dangerous.”

While it “recognise the rights of individuals to identify as gay”, it says “married men and women unhappy with their homosexuality should be supported in developing their heterosexual potential, where this is the appropriate life choice for them”.

To make their point, they planned to plaster their slogans along the sides of 26 London buses for the next two weeks – until London Mayor, Boris Johnson, decided to ban the campaign on the grounds that it was offensive. Quite right, Boris!

One of their points is that the scriptures “prohibit fornication outside marriage” and as gay people can’t get married in church, this is an abomination in the eyes of God. Furthermore, people were“free to choose” homosexuality, but those with unwanted attraction to people of their own gender should “should be free to seek help if they want”.

Someone should perhaps explain the former to members of the Catholic church – many of whom seem to fornicate quite happily outside of marriage – and perhaps ask why if God is so all powerful He allowed people of the same sex to be attracted to each other in the first place.

Perhaps these people should be better employed drawing attention to issues that really matter rather than indulging in a good old fashioned bit of queer bashing?


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  1. Nice work, I am really glad to be 1 of several visitants on this awful site : D