The Great Olympic Ticket Fiasco (4)

News this week that even the simplest of operations is seemingly beyond the experts who are organising the 2012 Olympics…

Now you would have thought that allowing the immediate families of the athletes competing to buy – remember I said buy, not be given – tickets to watch their loved one compete in the great sporting bunfest would be a pretty bloody basic given. But it seems not.

Apparently, Sir Chris Hoy (exactly why did Chris Hoy get a knighthood for riding a bike and getting a gold medal when Rebecca Adlington got bugger all?) is ably supported by his parents and his wife. They were recently seen over in Oz cheering him on.

But they won’t be doing that in the 2012 London games. Oh no! They are restricted to two tickets so perhaps his parents, wife and sister will be drawing lots to see who gets to watch him ride.

Even by the standards of the prize prats organising this fiasco this is beyond the pale. Surely to God we could have worked out a system by which immediate family could buy tickets on a priority basis? Mind you, I’m surprised that they’re not being given a dozen each so they could flog ’em on the black market, but this seems to me to be going from one extreme to the other…

Personally, I expect to be embarassed by the games. I am still cringeing at the sight of Beijing Boris trying to wave that flag, and remembering the ‘River of Fire’ that failed to ignite our spirits on Millenium Eve. I am fully convinced we are going to look stupid. Seriously, embarrassingly, cringeworthily stupid.

But at least it seem that the athletes’ families will be spared…


2 responses to “The Great Olympic Ticket Fiasco (4)

  1. Chris competed against the best in the world.Rebecca didn`t.

  2. Wot? The best cyclists turned up but the best swimmers didn't bother??