Human Rights, my arse!

Today the European Court of Human Rights will decide whether this country will be allowed to extradict Captain Hook and five other bastards to the USA to face charges of terrorism.

Now my views on the ECHR and the ability of the courts of the Fourth Reich to overrule the highest courts in the UK are well known, but it now seems that the Americans are also up in arms with them.

John Bolton, the American ambassador to the UN under George Bush, said: “Britain should renounce the jurisdiction of this court. It’s a question of what do British people want to do? Do you want to be an independent nation, or do you want to be a county in Europe?

“This is just another example of Britain’s mistake in allowing European institutions to develop to the extent they have. It is yet another infringement on British sovereignty that undercuts its ability to cooperate with the United States.

“It also calls into question the ability of Europe as a whole to be an effective partner in the war against terrorism.”

So far it has cost the British taxpayer over two and a half million quid to keep these six bastards in high security prisons while we faff allowing foreigners to tell us what to do. And that’s without what’s been spent on legal costs, including legal aid for the men, and thousands more on benefit claims for their families.

What a bunch of mugs we are in this country to put up with this crap!

All six argue that the conditions of their detention in a “supermax” prison would amount to inhuman and degrading treatment under Article 3 of the Human Rights code. Not of course that it’s in any way inhuman for people like Abu Hamza to go around preaching that all non-muslims are fair game for a spot of good old fashioned butchering.

In the meantime, there is a glimmer of hope that Teresa May may grow some balls and deport them anyway and to hell with the ECHR!

I’d love to see it, but I’m not holding my breath…

+ + + + UPDATE + + + +

So Strasbourg has graceously agreed that we can get rid of them, but there is a sting in the tail because there is YET ANOTHER court above that one to which an appeal can be made which means we are stuck with this shower of shit for another three months before we can ship them out!!

Personally, I’d have them on a plane this afternoon – preferably with insufficient fuel to cross the Atlantic. Dropping them out over the Titanic site has a certain appeal to it…


4 responses to “Human Rights, my arse!

  1. John Bolton, the American ambassador to the UN under George Bush, said: “… It’s a question of what do British people want to do?…"My emphasis there.I'm pretty certain this wasn't his attitude at the time of Bliar's dodgy dossier on Iraq.

  2. I agree, Derek. I also wonder whether the yanks are really peeved because they'd rather we were US puppets than Euro puppets?

  3. Given the US Gov't actions indicate it assumes the right to enforce US law in any country in the world, I'm inclined to agree with you.And though I'd never considered it before, I think you've high-lighted what could be a significant stress point in UK high-level policy:the tension between those taking the 'long' path to absolute rule over us (bureaucrats in the EU and the UK Civil Service) and the more opportunistic but vote-dependent political class (who try to have the benefits – to themselves – of supporting both the impatient short-term Yanks and the long-term EU Statists).That would go some way to explaining the Civil Service's ability to maintain current internal UK policy (with no apparent loss of momentum) despite the nominal change of the (mainly) Tories taking power (when fundamentally the Conservative party has historically had such different core values compared to the Labour party).So I guess, on balance, it's the Civil Service (UK/EU bureaucrats) that is really in power, as though we might give 'our representatives' (oh how I laugh) the authority we seem to have few principled politicians willing to limit such a tax-guzzling regulation-shitting behmoth.LibLabCon politicians are now simply very expensive PR men (Cameron, being a PR man, finds it useful to have a LibDem suit to wear when useful for the occasion).The Yanks probably find them still useful but frustratingly less effective than earlier models?Sorry for the long post.

  4. Ignoble Caledonian.

    An interesting post, and shrewd analysis from you both. I really don't understand why Cameron and May can't just tell Strasbourg to get stuffed,-most ordinary decent people in this country would be delighted, and if the remaining 26 countries felt we were betraying the founding principles of the ECHR, (I think we were instrumental in setting it up not long after the second world war), who cares,-I suspect many would secretly agree with us anyway.