“I want to be train driver…”

How many times did you hear little boys say that in the good old days?

Well, it seems the good old days are here again – because who needs a university degree when you can get £50,000 a year for a 35 hour weeks with 8 weeks annual leave thrown in for good measure?

My opinion of RMT leader, Bob Crowe, is about as low as a snakes belly – but you have to hand it to the guy! He’s negotiated London Underground drivers a four year pay deal that sees the average train driver earning more than a newly qualified Chartered Accountant – and all without having to bother with all that faffing about with degrees and training (no pun intended!)…

So never mind the bankers’ bonuses, fifty grand for driving a train is just plain bloody scandalous!


4 responses to ““I want to be train driver…”

  1. I'm in the wrong job. #RMT leader #BobCrowe negotiates huge #pay deal for #train drivers! #unions

  2. Also more than a doctor with two years experience.5-6 years at med school at (uni fee plus living) say…18K per year – sort of 90K in total. Then 2 years training on the job. Then you still get paid less than a train driver.hi ho hum

  3. Sometimes crap jobs command a premium. Being a train driver for LT requires 4 am starts every other WEEK when you do early shifts. Then you do "lates" finishing at midnight. You get no overtime for obvious reasons of safety, and, oh, you have as many "one unders" in your career as the average saintly junior doctor, and you have to get over it. Many people don't and they quit.The entire thought that going to university should be the only route to a badged, graded, highly paid job is one reason why we are in the mess we are in. British people regard such jobs as being beneath them.http://www.trainweb.org/districtdave/html/a_driver_s_daily_routine.html

  4. You have a point. I read today that Tesco is getting stick for deliberately employing foreign workers on low wages.This is actually bollocks. Tesco offer the wage and only foreign workers apply. This is not their fault. The rate is the rate. For some reason the British think that such menial work is beneath them – a view perpetuated by the benefits culture.If they starved without a job, then that might just focus their minds?