Cardinal sin…

News this week that Ratshitter has appointed 22 new cardinals – that’s on top of the ones he appointed last year – bringing the number of freeloaders who are eligible to vote for his successor to 125.

Not surprisingly, he has surrounded himself with people who think like he does, but perhaps the most interesting new appointment is that of controversial New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan.

Dolan, you may recall, has been accused of mishandling – or plain covering up – accusations of molestation or sexual abuse of young children during his tenure.

Mary Caplan, the New York leader of SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, released a statement condemning the Pope’s decision to elevate Dolan to cardinal :

“As long as the Pope keeps promoting church officials who keep parishioners in doubt, victims in pain, and kids at risk, there will be more child sex crimes. Dolan is the Teflon prelate – through superb public relations, when he acts recklessly and callously with kids’ safety, he’s almost always able to deny and deflect blame. Dolan is by far the most media-savvy Catholic official on the planet, so we’re not surprised the pope has promoted him.

“In Missouri, Wisconsin and New York, he’s (Dolan) treated child sex victims and paedophile priests just like his brother bishops across the country have. Dolan’s just more skilled at hiding his misdeeds. Don’t be fooled by Dolan’s glad-handing, self-effacing charm. Behind closed doors, he continues to be a shrewd manager who’s determined and adept at keeping clergy sex crimes covered up,” she said.

Needless to say, members of the New York Archdiocese are delighted…


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