“YouTube if you want to…”

YouTube really get right up my nose on occasions!

A while back, I posted a jolly little tune by Eric Bogle entitled “I Hate Wogs” which YouTube decided, after 6 months, was racially offensive so they banned it.

Now if you listen to this little ditty, it about stupid narrow minded hypocrites slagging off foreigners for doing exactly what they do themselves. Hello! It’s an ANTI-RACISM song!!!

I appealed. YouTube ignored me so I appealed again. They sent me this reply :

Dear Dioclese,

Thank you for submitting your video appeal to YouTube.
After further review of the content, we’ve determined that your video does violate our Community Guidelines and have upheld our original decision. We appreciate your understanding.
Yours sincerely,
โ€“ The YouTube Team

You fucking what!!!! You ‘appreciate my understanding’!!!! You insufferable, patronising, condescending, pompous, supercilious, arrogant little pricks!!!!

So here’s my reply to them :

I think that covers it.

Thank God for EyeTube where you can still watch videos like this without censorship…


7 responses to ““YouTube if you want to…”

  1. Hey that's a good idea. First there was YouTube and now there could be site called YouCunts. Has a nice "ring" to it. Might be thought of as a bit "fishy" though.You could kick it off with a video of that nice Mr Blair.In the Telegraph they were discussing whether Mag Thatch should be given a state funeral when her whisky bottle runs dry. My suggestion was that they should definitely give a state funeral to Mr Blair….. preferably tomorrow.

  2. Shame they didn't listen to this video of a bloke explaining what the song is all about. It's on ….er…. YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvAJQt9W26kInterestingy from the time I pressed the button to send the appeal and the moment the rejection dropped into my in box was less than the length of the song – so who are they kidding???Re YouCunts, there is already "…is a cunt" and 'Cunt of the day' – you can find both on my blogroll, and also 'Cunts Corner' which can be quite amusing too.Anyway YouTube would probably sue me for using their logo, the humourless bastards!

  3. Captain Haddock

    Already exists George …http://www.is-a-cunt.org/From the same stable as "Eye Tube" .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. And another thing : Go onto YouTube and type in 'wogs' or 'wog' in the search field…Do these people ever watch their own site??????

  5. And I'm proud to say that in a modest way I helped test the latest version, Cap'n – so if there's anything you don't like about EyeTube then you have to blame the bloke that didn't listen to me when I told him ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Captain Haddock

    Now that I didn't know Dio ..Like they say .. "Every day's a school day" .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. One endeavours to persevere, Captain…