Bald is the new hair!

I recently received a comment about my article on the Pink List which basically said “What about a bald list – They’re a minority too!”

Well, actually they’re not. 1 in 4 men are bald by 30 and 66% at 60.

Anyway, my researches did reveal this fascinating web site for the “Brotherhood of Bald People” which includes a great article on “14 Great Reasons to Shave Your Head”. Whoa!

Here’s just a few of them :

  • Wearing a hat doesn’t mess my hair up
  • Riding a motorcycle without messing my hair up
  • Riding rollercoasters and amusement park stuff without messing my hair up
  • Going to the beach or the pool without messing my hair up
  • Sleeping on long airplane rides without messing my hair up
  • Working out in the gym without messing my hair up

OK. I get the picture. So one of the great reasons for not having any hair is that you never mess your hair up?

But there must be more to it than that, mustn’t there? Well apparently there is…

“….getting cool nicknames like “Skeletor” and “Captain America”

Wow! I must shave my head immediately, because then…

“I can be more relaxed and my real self comes out more because I am not worried about my hair”


“I get to sleep in longer because I save time having to do my hair”

Clearly there is something really deep and spiritual going on here, so where did I put that razor?…

6 responses to “Bald is the new hair!

  1. Morning Dioclese
    Here's the main reason for being bald and it comes courtesy of our main outlet for propaganda the BBC. So it must be true.

    Brain growth connected to baldness.

    That's why you hardly ever see a bald MP, Royal or Religious leader. Even Jesus is depicted with long blond wavy hair LOL.

  2. Captain Haddock

    You know you're getting old, when nature takes the hair off your head .. and puts it in your ears & nostrils ..

    Hair today .. gone tomorrow

  3. Mrs D's granny used to say “Grass doesn't grow on a busy street.”

    Personally I am reminded of a great song my Cliff Richard whaich says “I grew it out long to make room for my brain”

    I have a full head of hair – although it's working on it – so I must be as thick as shit!

    Oh – and George, Mrs D still wants to know what you do when you're not drinking and where you used to live in the UK? We have a bet on…

  4. …and I need a new PC because this one can't spell for shite.

  5. Don't do it!! Put down the razor and step away.

  6. Tell Mrs D this:-
    Born in Bognor (someone has to be). Lived in Streatham, Debden, Morden, Epsom. Then oop north to Wilmslow, Macclesfield, Bowden, Lymm and finally Chester. Before life became “different” I was the Head Honcho for a famous Large “efficient” European Airline that had a large hub at Manchester airport. So I've not only managed to move around the UK a bit but I've poked a stick in just about every corner of the World.
    I took early retirement and moved to France. Don't ask me why (I didn't even speak French)? I've never worked for the Frogs. I suppose I must like a challenge.
    Let me know who won the bet.