You’re a patient. Bugger off!

You might have heard that there is a bit of a row going on at the moment about the removal of patients from GP surgery lists.

Now I can understand that patients can be abusive to surgery staff and GPs, and that as a result they need to be put firmly in their place. I am sure that patients do get short tempered when they are ill and can be somewhat rude on occassions and I am equally sure that when tackled, most of them will apologise for their behaviour. End of…

I can also understand that there are a small number of patients who are just bellicose ill mannered pigs and who need to be shown the door. I believe that most fair minded people will accept that this is also perfectly reasonable. There is no excuse for such behaviour.

But what is going on now is far more callous and insidious – a creeping cancer within the NHS system that needs excising forthwith.

Health authorities are going through records and writing to patients who have not been to see their doctor for a while and asking them to confirm that they wish to remain on their doctor’s list. The excuse for this is that patients do move away and not notify their surgery, so it’s just checking up.

What is actually happening is that patients are being given totally unreasonable deadlines within which to respond before being removed. Often the first the patient knows is when he or she tries to book an appointment only to be told that he is no longer registered.

So why is this happening?

Well, it’s simple really. GP practices are paid by the NHS on the basis of head count so the fewer patients are registered with the practice, the less money the government gives them.

Simple, straightforward cost cutting – presumably thought through by an idiot…


4 responses to “You’re a patient. Bugger off!

  1. I tried to book an appointment with my Doc on Monday. Only to find that I'd "moved", and was therefore no longer registered with him. I've had to re register.

  2. The French health system for comparison. When you join the French system they give you a card with your "mug-shot". Whenever you go to the doctor, dentist, optician or whatever you pay up front. Your "physician" bungs the card into a machine and a few days later you get a refund from the state. It's not always the full amount so you normally buy a top-up insurance. You are always seen straight away and you are always seen by a specialist.Here's a tip for the stressed NHS patient who wants his teeth fixed. I have a mate who's a dentist. He has a guy that toddles across from the UK whenever he wants "work" done. He treats the guy as an "emergency" gives him a bill for the "emergency" and he then gets a full refund from the NHS.Any thoughts on my "bald" minority? Dioclese

  3. Back in May, the Telegraph reported on a forthcoming scheme to pay doctors a bounty per head for offering health advice to obese patients or referring them to weight-loss schemes.According to the article, Some GPs had so many obese patients on their practice lists that one in three of all their patients were referred to the clubs. I wonder whether any of those practices have been deselecting comparatively healthy patients…

  4. I relocated a couple of miles a few years ago and was promptly chucked off my previous surgery list.My new local surgery was full (despite the recent loss of at least three patients from my new property). I was told to contact NHS Direct who referred me to a practice that would be 2 bus rides or a £10 taxi journey away should I be incapacitated. They tried lieing to me about "my" doctor being able to drive to me (since few GPs do house calls these days, they are done by NHS Doctors on Call, when they can be bothered).I stuck to my guns and got placed with my new local surgery, eventually.