The Pink List

OK – I realise that I am going to get pilloried for this article and branded as an homophobic, lezza hating, sexually intolerant, prejudiced, queer bashing twat but frankly I don’t give a fuck…

…because anyone who does this is just not capable of understanding what I am trying to say.

Yesterday, the Independent on Sunday published it’s pink list for 2011. This is described as “Our annual celebration of the gay and lesbian community”

Well, that’s all very well – but why exactly are we celebrating what is, in effective, sexual deviation? Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not queer bashing when I say this. It’s just that those of us who are normally sexually oriented – by which I mean those of us who prefer our sex in the way that is practiced by the overwhelming majority of men and women on the planet – simply don’t understand why it is so wonderful to be different that we need to make a big thing out of it and hold it out as something wonderous?

Here’s a first rate comment sent to me by GeorgeSilver :

I seem to have lost my cool this morning after seeing The Independent on Sunday Pink List 2011. I felt an unbearable need to rant in their comments : How about a list for the ‘unsung heroes’ the middle class, middle age, English white male.

You know the guy that pays most of the taxes. Doesn’t mug pensioners. Doesn’t want hand-outs. Doesn’t break the law. Doesn’t stand on the street corner selling drugs. Brings up a family in responsible manner. Doesn’t have massive credit card debt and lives within his means. Doesn’t have ‘parades’ that have to be policed.

You know. The guy that lives with a normal woman and maybe a couple of kids. Goes out to work everyday and is expected to tolerate and hand-out money to all the weird groups who never seem to be able to earn their own money. The guy you can count on when there is a problem………and usually doesn’t complain until now.

We seem to have ‘lists’ for Feminists, blacks, gays, animals, religious fanatics etc. etc. etc.: the list goes on forever. There seem to be any number of ‘special’ cases all with their hands out for ‘grants’ from the local council and government

I understand where he’s coming from with this. We make so much fuss about being sexually different, but why? I’m quite happy for you to live your life any way you want as long as you extend the same courtesy to me and as long as you don’t force me to live the same way you do. We live in sexually liberated times and that’s as it should be.

But why this compulsion to ram it down our throats?…

Mrs D. and I just went throught the list and she would like to know how she gets a job as an ‘Activist’ and how much it pays. She thinks she could fit it into her busy life and that it might suit her quite well. Any offers?…

Have I been here before?


8 responses to “The Pink List

  1. Would she like it thrust down her throat…?

  2. Talking about rants. This is worth watching.David Icke carries around a lot of unfortunate baggage but I must say this is one of the best presentations I have ever seen about the financial crisis and the Wall Street Protesters.;=player_embedded#!

  3. Quote of the day!Right there .. 1st para 😉

  4. It's a waste of time trying to reason with these fucking perverts. Best thing you can do is simply shun and/or ignore them and make like they don't exist.

  5. My point exactly, Anon – they're nothing special so why do they get all the attention?

  6. Captain Haddock

    "My point exactly, Anon – they're nothing special so why do they get all the attention? " …'cos TPTB are scared of getting battered with their handbags ? .. 😉

  7. "I'm quite happy for you to live your life any way you want as long as you extend the same courtesy to me and as long as you don't force me to live the same way you do."There is still this naive innocence among the breeders.You come across a policeman who's fu@ing a Judge who's fu@ing a MP who was shielded by a D Notice on Operation Ore who remembers fu@ing the banker who closed your account because you mentioned The Pink List.There is a reason fu@ing means you "know" someone. Ask Jeremy Clarkson about doors that are always open.This is the conspiracy of decisions being made on yachts. It's called being owned. Are you ever less loyal to a lover over a breeder?

  8. The "Wicker Man" has the lone primate (a virgin) enter a society where everyone intimately knows each other and the outsider is sacrificed.