Whip the buggers!

When Captain Haddock commented on yesterdays article that he thought I was talking about whipping MPs, little could he have suspected how near the truth he was…

Apparently David Cameron seems to have thought so too – and reckons it’s a good idea!

After much rebellion from us common irks ( a.k.a. the voters ) suggesting that he might like to honour his election manifesto promises and his commitment to the coalition agreement with the Limp Dumps, he has been forced to allow a vote in the commons on October 27th about our continued membership of the Fourth Reich.

Now that, of course, is democracy in action. Or is it? Well apparently that won’t do for Call Me Dave who has gone back on his previous promise to allow a referendum on the issue by saying that it is ‘inappropriate’. As a result he is to impose a three line whip on the issue – so wobetide and Tory MP who dares to vote with his conscience.

This could turn out to be a risky strategy for Cameron. If enough of his party defy the whip then I am sure the Labour party will be quick to call his authority into doubt – and frankly this is what he deserves.

Hang on tho’ just a moment! It seems that all the party chiefs are likely to impose similar restrictions forcing their members to vote against the motion, so there seems little possibility of the public getting what it wants.

What is it that these honourable members are so frightened of? If the EU is such a wonderful institution, then surely the public will vote to stay in it. If they want to pull out, then they will vote accordingy. Either way, this is what democracy is all about. This should be a free vote.

Perhaps our leaders should recall what democracy really is before taking us to war to remove regimes that treat their elected representatives and voters in exactly this same way?

But then, the EU is hardly a democratic institution either, is it?…


3 responses to “Whip the buggers!

  1. Captain Haddock

    I really am beginning to detest this man with the same level of vehemence which I'd previously only had for Blair & Brown ..The sooner he's gone, the better for all of us ..

  2. The Telegraph today "reveals" the disgusting levels of greed, nepotism and arrogant corruption that are at the heart of the EU gravy train and the reaction of its Admin Chief "to publish the facts might impare the decision making process" ARROGANT little PRICK!EU hate crime? You bet.

  3. Dear DiocleseSurely there ought to be a limit on any parliament for the use of the whip?Perhaps it should be 7 times during the life of a parliament, no more than 5 of which can be in the last year before an election if the parliament is running to a full term.DP