Getting tough on energy prices

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Is that the sound of energy company bosses quaking in their boots that I hear?

Unfortuntely, I fear not! Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne, has summoned the bosses of the big six piss takers to a summit with Ofgem and consumer groups to discuss whether bills were higher because of lack of competition. Well, no shit Sherlock. Has it occured to you that this is why you only invited six companies to attend the meeting?

“We should be checking to see whether or not we’re on the cheapest tariff,” Mr Huhne said after the summit. What a cunt! The big six energy companies between them operate over 10,000 tariffs (yes, I did say 10,000) and I know from personal experience that if you feed identical data into four different comparison web sites, you get four different answers. And even the data for the same companies varies. They’re not worth the time and energy (no pun intended!).

And in any case, has Huhne not actually noticed that when one company hikes its price, all the other follows suit? It’s called ‘ringing’.

And now British Gas, Scottish Power and Npower have pledged not to raise prices again this winter. Well, that’s fucking big of them in view of the massive increases they have already dumped on us this year. And don’t even get me started on the bullshit that is an ‘on average’ price increase (see my earlier post)!

And then there’s the comment from the head of Britain’s biggest supplier, British Gas :

“Bills will keep on rising because of the rising cost of gas on the international market. We are importing 50% of the gas that comes into Britain and we are having to compete for sources from the Middle East – Japan is importing huge amounts of gas on ships and that was gas that used to come into the UK market. It is an inconvenient truth that unit prices of energy are going to go up. In my opinion unit prices will only go one way unless someone discovers huge amounts of gas and imports it into the UK: the international price for gas I am afraid is going up”

Well, there is of course that bloody great reserve sitting in the sand under Blackpool that Huhne the Loon wants us to leave alone.

Anyway, here’s my 5 point plan for solving the energy price problem :

  1. Make it illegal for any energy company to have order than a dozen tariffs,
  2. Order a judical enquiry into price ringing by energy companies,
  3. Get that fracking gas out of the ground in Blackpool,
  4. Give OfGem some teeth to regulate charges and stem excessive profiteering,
    and the most important point of all…
  5. Get rid of the cunt that’s supposed to be in charge of all this!

5 responses to “Getting tough on energy prices

  1. Naaaah. Too complicated.Just make it a rule to cut off one the toes of the boss who's company has the highest price after a secret ballot.

  2. Captain Haddock

    The tosser Huhne had the gall to say yesterday, that in his considered opinion, consumers were getting a "reasonable deal" on fuel prices ..Which might be applicable if we were all millionaires, who owned umpteen properties .. and were coining-in ministerial wages and perks .. But those of us living on pensions are in somewhat different circumstances .. You smug, arrogant cunt !!!!!

  3. You forgot, do away with the green taxes and stuff

  4. How about amending item five to:Shoot that bastard Huhne before he kills any more pensioners.Just a thought.regardsBillo

  5. Aye, rich comments indeed from bloody Huhne, AKA "That utter arse who is still committed to enriching the wind turbine companies". Basically, we need nuclear stations building, and we need them soon. We also need fracking gas developing, and finally plasma-arc gasification plants, which I am told count as biofuels under the idiotic EU rules.