You lost. Get over it!

♫ There’ll be a sobbing in the hillsides
There’ll be crying in the vales
There’ll be a Welsh team ripe for lynching
When they come home again to Wales…

7 responses to “You lost. Get over it!

  1. I thought the ref was supposed to be neutral. And yes, I'm whingeing – just like any Frenchie will be on their next visit to Cardiff. My cousin will be there … oh dear.Shame really. This used to be such a friendly sport.

  2. And I don't think the French will be coming HOME again to Wales, like you suggested.

  3. Captain Haddock

    Who gives a shit ?Its only a game, after all's said and done ..

  4. Capn: Just like politics is only a game? Do you think the same of footy ball?

  5. Cameron the new Jonah? The beeb reported that he would be flying the Welsh flag at No.10.

  6. Captain Haddock

    @ Anon ..I do regard Football in precisely the same manner, because all sport, along with "reality" TV is cleverly used by politicians as a very effective method of taking the minds of the public off what's really going on ..So, to that end Politics is something of a game too .. though with rather more sinister & harmful long term consequences ..Besides which, I just can't get interested in overpaid, moronic prima-donnas & the bent money-men behind them ..And as for the Olympics .. what a horrendous and indefensible waste of time, money & space that's going to prove to be ..

  7. Captain Haddock

    "Cameron the new Jonah? The beeb reported that he would be flying the Welsh flag at No.10" …Its a miracle that the dome-headed knob-jockey isn't already flying the buggering "Rainbow" flag from No 10 ..