If God did not exist…

Someone once said that if God did not exist then it woud be necessary to invent him.

Now as one who argues that that is exactly what we did, I would like to offer a revised version  : If God did not exist, we would have to find other excuses to kill each other…

The so-called Arab Spring revolutions have brought a whole new complexity to the Middle East. If the undemocratic governments of the Arab world that have been swept aside should turn out to be replaced with democratically elected hard line Islamic governments, then the future peace of the entire region – if not the entire world – could be at risk.

And or those of you who think this won’t happen, I need only point at the current democratically elected representatives of the Gaza strip.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Palestine applied to the UN for recognition as a country and for membership. It was vetoed by the US who have long been seen to be friends of Isreal, no matter how hard the current administration tries to distance itself.

Personally, I would recognise Palestine as a new country on the West Bank – land so generously given to them by Jordan. Provided they recognise the state of Isreal in return.

As regards the issue of who owns Jerusalem, why not take it off both sides and make it an autonomous region of the UN ruled by a council with representatives from all sides as well as independent parties?

The alternative is unthinkable – a new six day war to drive the Isrealis into the sea. A war which could easily end up with the deployment of those nuclear weapons which Isreal doesn’t, of course, possess…


One response to “If God did not exist…

  1. "on the West Bank – land so generously given to them by Jordan"Jordan is Palestine is Jordan.This clever trick has been perpetrated on the world since 1948 (& before): when the Palestinians were "gifted" the lands to the east of the Jordan river.It's an open secret that Israel has approx 100 nuclear warheads.

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