Government health warnings…

At last, a government health warning that actually makes sense!


4 responses to “Government health warnings…

  1. "Stepping in front of a bus kills"Yes truly buses kill.Not only that though, sometimes the bastards swerve and mow down people not even stepping in front of them. Passive victims none-the-less.Time to tax them off the roads. Or better still ban them all together.

  2. Captain Haddock

    Further to Billo's suggestions ..Ban all advertising on the outside of buses too …And never go anywhere near second-hand buses .. they can kill you if you even look at them ..

  3. And another thing – what really pisses me off with buses is that I was looking forward to getting my bus pass at 60 but apparently I now have to wait until I am 62. Bastards!And to make it worse I now get prescriptions free of charge for all the drugs that I don't take…

  4. Only if it's moving….and even then it wouldn't necessarily be fatal

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