Rotton Boroughs : Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest Borough Council believes in green initiates and recycling. It prides itself on delivering value for money to it’s ratepayers…
So it’s rather difficult to understand why they spent £15,000 prosecuting a shopkeeper for recycling cardboard boxes by giving them free of charge to a passer by.
In a case described by the judge as “a monumental waste of  public time and money”, Linda Bracey was prosecuted by the Council under the direction of Cllr Clyde Loake for “illegally disposing of business waste.” The action was brought after one of the boxes bearing the comany’s name was found on an illegal fly tipping site.

Calling for “an outbreak of common sense”, Judge Alex Milne asquitted the company, telling the jury
“Were the cardboard boxes in question waste? Packaging such as boxes received by a company like Electro Signs is not waste when it is delivered to the company. Nor do boxes become waste as soon as the contents are removed. 

If a company chooses to keep and re-use boxes, they remain the property of the company and an asset. If the company keeps boxes for its own use but then chooses to give or sell boxes to another party that is not discarding them.”

Mrs Bracey simply described the situation as “mad” and it is hard to disagree…

It’s not the first time Cllr Loakes has been in the news. On 2010 he stood down from the Labour leadership in Waltham to stand as an MP, only to find out that the electorate didn’t want him. He claims to champion green issues and yet builds over cycle lanes in Leytonstone. In 2010, there was some controversy about the awarding of a £2.5m recycling contract to ECT thus contravening EU procurement laws. Something they then sought to cover up (See Private Eye issue 1254).

Some of Loakes other questionably bright green ideas include fining drivers £2,500 if a passenger throws itter out of the window (bus and taxi drivers take note) and banning fast food outlets within 400 metres of a school. For more interesting little snippets on Loakes activities see this interesting local blog.

Strikes me as a typical useless local councillor with delusions of grandeur – but that just my personal opinion, you understand…


2 responses to “Rotton Boroughs : Waltham Forest

  1. I remember reading about this the other day and being stunned by the bit which came *after* the part of the story you have here.Clyde Loakes, Waltham Forest's cabinet member for the environment, called the verdict "incredibly disappointing". He added:"Residents are…"..and then basically says that he was right all along and everyone else was wrong…including the Judge.You lost. Badly. Wasted money and looked like a cock afterwards. Just drop it, eh?Here and elsewhere.

  2. Quite so, Eye. Arrogant bastard isn't he?