The pound in your pocket…

Much guff is being talked at the moment about how we should get the economy going again, not least of all the hot air being generated at Liverpool by the Labour party conference.

I wrote the other day about Labour’s unfunded VAT cut proposals, but I think that there just might be another way of approaching this. The need is to put money back in peoples’ pockets so they have more to spend. This needs to be done across the board and I think I have a cunning plan…

Let’s zero rate the VAT on gas and electricity.

Now I know you’re going to say that this contrvenes EU rules and that we’re not allowed to reclassify these things once they’ve been defined, but I think we could perhaps take a leaf out of France’s book on this one. Let’s just take no notice and do it anyway!

There’s been a lot of bitching about the increased costs of utility bills so ths would be nice bit of a double whammy for Joe Public and let’s not forget that it would boost business as well. It’s not just private individuals that use power.

And to a large extent it’s self funding and increased profits mean increased corporation tax – and that’s at a considerably higher percentage that VAT.

Problem solved. Simples..


4 responses to “The pound in your pocket…

  1. Captain Haddock

    Far, far too sensible for your suggestion to be taken seriously by the Coagulation, Dio ..Besides which, where's the incentive to help indigenous pensioners, working families with kids, the disabled & the genuinely poorer-off etc .. when there's the attraction of "bigging yourselves up" by pissing money into Africa & India ?

  2. There is NO need for any taxation.Let me explain.There are two tax grabs the government makes. One is the taxes including VAT that are obvious and in full view. The other is the crafty secret tax which is levied by printing more money and thereby devaluing the Pound in your pocket. The hidden Tax.This "Hidden Tax" is all that is needed. The government wants to spend ex amount on conning the mug voters with new hospitals and social services, or even a new aircraft carrier. All it needs to do is print more money to cover the costs. No need for any direct tax. The Hidden Tax will cover it all.

  3. Just got back from Italy which of course has just been downgraded – more of that to follow, but the Euro is definitely in the crapper. However you should remember that the ultimate domination of Europe by the Fourth Reich requires that these countries go bankrupt so they can be taken over to form part of Greater Germania – why else would the Germans be so keen to lend them money?All the real dosh has been in Switzerland since the Red House Agreement in 1944…And I see that Mervyn King is helping it along by deciding to print more money which likely explains in part why the Sterling/Euro exchange rate is so lousy at the moment.