Seig Hindu!

I do like a good religious story on a Sunday, and this is a good religious story!

As my reguar reader will know, I think that if there is a God then he must be having a good laugh at the way we carry on, so I hope enjoys this one. In Australia – it had to be Oz really, didn’t it? – the Melbourne Fesival is planning to stage a play called “Ganesh versus the Third Reich” in which the Hindu god and Adolf Hitler go head to head over who gets the right to use the swastika.

At this point we should explain that the swastika is an ancient Hindu symbol of goodwill…

Producers say the play was the result of painstaking research and that every effort has been made to ensure that it is respectful of Ganesh and the Hindu culture. Yeah, right!

There does seem to be a certain tension between India and Oz at the moment which this is clearly going to do nothing to alleviate. In May, an Australian swimwear designer sparked protests in India by placing an image of the goddess Lakshmi onto a range of skimpy bikinis.

Then in August a Sydney radio talk show host upset Indians by calling the country a “shithole” and likening the holy river Ganges to a junkyard.

I’ve been there and it’s hard to disagree, but I think this play might just be a little bit over the top even for me!

( You can read more about this in the Telegraph by clicking here )


2 responses to “Seig Hindu!

  1. Twenty_Rothmans

    Sounds like 'e' – 'ie'Sounds like 'i' – 'ei'.Hence Sieg Heil.This is hilarious. Lord Ganesh became a moslem years ago and drives a minicab for Jesus and God to get around in.

  2. Captain Haddock

    @ Twenty_Rothmans ..The septics have known about that for years .. even the youngest is aware that all Cabs have trunks .. 😉