A well rounded result?

Number 44
Number 51
Number 56

So it’s official, then – this is a non-aligned, right wing libertarian blog!

To be fair, I do always try to present a well rounded selection of content. And, of course, it’s always nice to get a readers’ award for your efforts – especially when you didn’t canvas any votes – so thank you everyone who voted for me, I’m glad you are enjoying what I do.

Given these results, it’s a little confusing to work out why I didn’t make the top 300 overall, but there you go. I did at least manage to outgrim the Reaper, outpoint Leg Iron and outrant the Penguin in the libertarian section.

I also seem to be more right wing than Nigel Farage and more non-aligned than Captain Ranty!

I guess the message is that it’s nice to be appreciated and even nicer to find myself in amongst the company of bloggers that I respect

I can’t wait to see where I come personally in the ‘bloggers’ section of the poll if Total Bollocktics ever sort out the horlicks that they seem to have currently made of their results page…

Thanks again!


2 responses to “A well rounded result?

  1. Captain Haddock

    Well done Dio ..Keep up the good work .. Take heart from the fact that large numbers of votes do not always indicate worth .. take Blair as a perfect example ..

  2. I often think I should start a blog but I don't think the World is ready for my extraordinary wit and incredible intelligence. I just to much of a "shrinking violet". Or I'm just plain lazy.I think a good weather-vane is the number of comments. A good bit of back and forth banter can up the count.There must be a lot of Bloggers out there that never a get any comments and feel they are just talking to themselves.