Down on the farm…

Frankly, this is close to becoming my piss-boiler of the century nomination. What the fuck are they pissing about with down in Basildon?!?

For ten years they’ve been buggering around with these pykies that are sticking two fingers up to the planning laws. Ten fucking years, for Christ’s sake! I’m a simple soul, but please somebody explain to me how someone who has been sat on their arse in one place for ten years can by any stretch of the imagination be described as a ‘traveller’?!?

At 8 o’clock this morning on the BBC I watched rows of police vans parked outside this site waiting for something to happen. When I came back in at lunchtime and switched on the BBC news channel, I expected to see scenes of bailiffs and police finally taking action. But no. They were still sitting on their hands and doing bugger all.

Then this evening I hear that there has been a High Court injunction preventing further action until Friday. Well, lads, if you had bloody well got on with it at 8 o’clock this morning, it would have been all over by now bar the shouting.

Weeks ago, Basildon Council were given the legal go ahead to get rid of this scum – so what did they do? They gave then a few weeks notice to quit. FFS, just get on with it, you useless bastards! Now look at what you’ve gotten yourselves into – and you’ve only yourselves to blame!

At least some of these people had the common sense to bugger off and acknowledge they were beaten, Full credit to them. But now we have a site where the so-called activist Swampy-clones and celebrity do-gooders like Vanessa bloody Redgrave are digging in for a good old fashioned ding-dong with authority. These people are anarchistic trouble makers, so just get the water cannon out and wash them aside like the trash they are.

And when you’ve finally got rid of this lot, perhaps the ratepayers of Basildon should set about clearing out the Council officials who have handled this whole affair with such staggering incompetence and ineptitude…


3 responses to “Down on the farm…

  1. Perhaps there is a special law that we are not informed about.You declare yourself a "Traveller" and do not need to pay the Council Tax or TV license plus all parking and speeding fines are just waved away. The only thing you will be expected to comply with is to generally "shit" the place up.If you go one step further and declare yourself a "Traveller and an Illegal Immigrant" you get free.accommodation and plenty of dosh in your wallet.If you really go for it you can become a "Traveller, Illegal Immigrant with Gay Tendencies and Learning Difficulties and Permanently Unable to Work". This will cop you a seat in the House of Commons and a Knighthood.

  2. has been said many times before, but needs to be said again:All the do-gooders and righteous don't actually want the so-called travellers and illegal immis living near them. They could all (for a few thousand, cash in hand, no VAT) tarmac over their gardens and offer them comfort. Ms Redgrave for example must have useless lawn space that a good tarmaccing will see to, and she can let them camp at her place.No, I didn't think so either.

  3. The police are too busy telling householders that have recovered their property from squatters that they are responsible for "looking after" their abandoned goods and chattels, old mattresses, smelly clothes, broken prams and the like.