Light bulb, light bulb burning bright…

It’s official. Today Britain is a darker place to live in . We’ve known for some time that the Fourth Reich wanted to plunge this country back into darkness – and now they’ve achieved it!

They banned the 100 watt incandescent lightbulb – I have a secret store, but don’t tell anyone – and know they’ve banned the 60 watt as well. I shall be out later today buying up all the old stock at my local supermarket.

And it seems I’m not alone. The newspapers have been reporting that Britons have been buying up these things like they’re going out of fashion! (Oops! They are though aren’t they?). Just take a look at the internet and see how many sellers have been stockpiling the bloody things and now hope to make a killing.

So why is this happening? Well, it’s all to do with global warming, apparently. This is a subject, you will have gathered, that gets right up my nose. See yesterday’s post for example. Well, that’s cobblers. It’s about control. It’s about authoritarianism. It’s about killing off democracy.

Nobody much likes these things. They take time to warm up, give off an inferior or often yellowing light, they’re expensive and many can’t be used with a dimmer switch. I have seven dimmer switches in my house if you count the four bedside ones that are touch sensitive and work on three levels.

But we have to have them because Brussels says so. It really doesn’t matter what the people of this country want. It’s a glowing example (sorry for the pun!) of this country being told what to do by foreigners. It’s the democratic wishes of the people of this country being over-ruled and ignored. It’s all that bad about the EU.

And the worse thing is that this government doesn’t have the balls to represent it’s electorate and just tell Brussels to sod off!…

(There’s a nice article in the Telegraph you can read if you want to know more – just click here)


8 responses to “Light bulb, light bulb burning bright…

  1. Twenty_Rothmans

    The fascist shithole called Australia was there first.It's my fucking electricity, I'll burn it the way I want.I'll decide where I want fluoros and where I want proper bulbs.Scum. Controlling, micromanaging, hand-wringing scum.

  2. I'm off to a car boot sale to stock up on Sunday.

  3. All they've banned is the low-temperature tungsten filament lamp; that's all. They haven't banned the halogen tungsten filament lamp, which gives out pretty much the same light as the former, but uses a bit less electricity to do so as it runs at a higher temperature.If you look in supermarkets now, they are actually selling these (mostly made by Phillips) alongside the compact fluorescents, and even now some LED units are creeping in. I do realise that this rather negates your story, which is probably why you don't mention it, but hey ho…

  4. Dioclese, They know where you live. Or they will do soon, as yours will be the only house where people will be able to read books after dark. (dangerous things – books)Then its an orange jump suite and bag over the head for you matey.That is if you are lucky.But if they look back through your blog they will probably send you off on a political correctness course first.Be afraid. Very Afraid.

  5. Fair comment Dr Dan, but they do cost a bit more than the old ones. Doesn't really negate my story, as my pint is that this sort of removal of choice erodes basic democracy.I refer you to the above comment by Twenty_Rothmans. It's about choice at the end of the day rather than enforcement against the wishes of the majority.

  6. You can still buy halogen G4 capsules to fit BC, ES, SBC or SES bases, with a screw-on clear or pearl cover in various shapes (candle, globe, etc.) I get them from International Lamps. A 25 watt halogen gives out approx the same amount of light as a 40 watt GLS, 40W for 60W, etc. I'll have none of that flickery green-tinged pathetic fluorescent "light" in my house!

  7. I can live with that, Billo – as long as they don't take away the Metaxa…

  8. I had no idea this was going to be such an emotive topic – and thanks to Ed P for the info.